Walmart is Serious with New Product Content Specifications

Product DescriptionsWith content marketing being the darling of the marketing world right now every major retailer is jumping on board. Product descriptions are the most integral pieces in content marketing for brands. Walmart knows this and wants to make sure all if retailers are following suit. Walmart has unveiled its new requirements through its product content specifications. These specifications will help Walmart provide a clear purchase path for consumers.  The purchase path will be able to include as much information as possible on each product. It will also help customers easily find products they are looking for. The new specifications are being instituted in part with the Product Content Collection System (PCCS). PCCS will give Walmart an even larger digital stamp than it currently has.

What Information Will PCCS Require?

Since product information is very important in both content marketing and SEO as much data that can be provided is useful. Walmart Suppliers will now be required to not only give SEO rich product descriptions but more in depth information on their catalogs. Information on shipping such as box dimensions, weight and where it will be shipped from is required. Walmart also wants the materials used, requirement levels, and data transfer information. They also want a supplier’s full assortment whether sold through Walmart of not. This information allows for Walmart to have excellent production information for customers. It also makes it easier for suppliers to have their products uploaded when they are ready to sell them via Walmart.

How Does Product Content Help Sales?

Long before the internet, consumers went to their local store and purchased a product. There were limited choices available. Consumers only had the packaging, word-of-mouth reviews from friends and family, and advertisements to sway their decisions. Suppliers did not have to provide a lot of specs or very detailed information on their products. The competition was not as intense as it is today with the ability to research any and all products with a few key strokes.

Today providing a detailed description of a supplier’s product will put them ahead of their competition. As a Walmart supplier, competition can be vast. Think about how many brands sell shampoo through Walmart, what sets them apart from each other? What helps a medium sized brand shampoo get found in the pool of 100’s? The shampoo’s description. Using as much product data as possible a brand creates a way for their product to be found.

Aside from detailed descriptions helping retailers, Walmart has another reason for collecting all of the product data they can. Having large assortments that pull in online traffic helps their brick-and-mortar locations. If a buyer is looking for a specific item and is able to find that it is available thru Walmart chances are they are going to keep looking. They will find other items, some that they can easily pick-up in a local store…where they again will browse products and purchase more. This helps Walmart with their objective of being everyone’s one-stop shop.

How Does a Brand Become Compliant?

There is a lot of information that is required under this system. While it might seem easy to fill out a spreadsheet, it is a me-consuming task. Most brands will need to rely on an outside company to review what they already have in terms of descriptions and attributes. They can take the time to make sure there are no gaps or missing information. When there is anything that needs to be remedied they can easily describe what is missing and ask for the appropriate information. An outside source can also manage any updates required by Walmart down the road. This allows a brand to focus on their inventory and products.

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