To be successful in business right now, a brand has to use content marketing  in one form or another to gain visibility. As a Walmart seller, it might seem tricky to use content marketing as Walmart is not their brand’s site. That is a myth. Brands who sell through Walmart need to include this type of marketing in their selling strategy.
To most content marketing is just social media posts and blogs. That is only one small part of this marketing type. In terms of selling on Walmart there are more pieces that need to be addressed. Product names, optimized descriptions, rich images, and demonstration videos are successful content for selling on Walmart.
Content Marketing 101
Before a brand can use a content marketing strategy they need to have a working understanding of what it is. Content Marketing is a compilation of online material that details a product or service. The content is meant to be shared via social platforms, product descriptions, image/video content and other online outlets. The content that is created is not specifically geared at just basic product information. It is meant instead, to create interest in what is being sold. Content marketers create engaging product descriptions that spark a consumer’s interest. A brand’s content is directed at a specific customer. It is not a broad message meant to cast a large net.
While the message is the same, content is crafted to each platform it is being used for. Knowing who is reading/watching the content is as important as what is being said/written. A product description or demo video should make the viewer/reader want more. Since the goal is to create interest in a brand/product; this type of marketing lends itself to Walmart sellers.
Having a flat, un-optimized description will do more harm than good. A successful product description will have emotional words woven into its details. This will create a want within the consumer to buy it. It will also differentiate a brand from the 100’s of others sellers on Walmart’s site.
How to Use Content Marketing As a Walmart Seller
Walmart does a great job of marketing their brand. They have a large budget and can afford television spots and print advertisements. Walmart is a great way for a retailer to sell their products because of this. The issue many wholesalers  face is that while Walmart markets themselves, they do not necessarily market the products that their suppliers sell through them. Most of the time you will only see national large brands in their commercials or weekly circular.
What about the marketplace seller? How do they distinguish themselves from their competitors?
Simply put, a brand’s content. Through their written and visual content a brand can tell their story. Content explains the benefits of a product and why a consumer should buy through them. Walmart’s Marketplace gives brands access to traffic they would not normally have. Their content is what pulls that traffic to them. It’s what makes consumers buy their product over a competitor.
Creating the Feeling
A brand uses content marketing as their voice. They cannot represent themselves in a Walmart location or online. The product descriptions and rich images need to sell their products. They have to use outlets like product descriptions, social media posts, and product videos to reach their consumer base. A brand needs to use content to create a need or want around the product. Brands use media content like video to create a connection to their customers.
Creating excitement about a product or a connection with a customer is the job of content marketing. It is not something that for instance, a Walmart marketer can do for a brands product. They have no connection to the product/brand other that they sell/are sold through Walmart. Walmart’s content is created to make a connection between the consumer and Walmart. When a brand utilizes content marketing they create excitement for their product. It makes a consumer want to buy their goods.
What Should Content Include
It seems easy, a brand talks about a product and people buy it. While it might seem like that, it is much more complex. As a brand marketing itself, consideration needs to be put into what is being said and how to say it. A feeling needs to be created. The wording and language should be expressive. A brand needs to separate themselves from all the other retailers that sell through Walmart. A successful brand marketer uses language in their content that sparks an interest. A consumers instinct is to know more about it when they are invested. If a consumer can create that connection, they will buy from that retailer over another.
Language holds true over any platform content is being broadcast through but it’s not the only thing to consider. If a video has a monotone person reading a cue card or off a sheet of paper how can a consumer be engaged with them? If a brand is doing a demonstration video, they need to be personable and lively. They need to convey information in a relatable way as to pull the audience in. These little details are what makes for a successful marketing campaign.
Where Else Does Content Go?
Product names, descriptions, rich images, and video are the main ways content marketing is utilized for Walmart sellers.
Also sellers, can also take their created content and use it other ways while maintaining their key message. Since Walmart does not have its own social media platform (yet), Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc can also be formatted with content.
It also is easily able to link back to the seller’s products on Walmart. Social media platforms are also great for showcasing images and video content. As each of the larger platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) go to more visual feeds it is easy to showcase a video on a brands social media page. This can then direct them to their products on Walmart’s site.
As social influencers become more and more important having a blogger discuss their experience with a brands product will increase traffic to their products on Walmart’s site.
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