Rich Media: The Ultimate Brand Converter

Static photos and regular text are a thing of the past. Rich media has taken over to create a more engaging experience. The need for is essential to any marketing plan. Its design amplifies content beyond pictures and videos keeping customers on your page without being redirected. Some websites are savvier than others including infographics and quizzes. What difference does it really make? Creating rich media exposes your brand to a new audience. The more interactive it is, the better the engagement. Those factors increase traffic and visibility. Consumers have a chance to interact on another level previous formats did not provide. The following looks further into rich media, the strategies and the full effect it has on your brand.

Content Strategy

The most common forms of rich media are photos and videos. Moreover, the more interactive the content the better. The goal is to keep consumers on your web page without having to navigate elsewhere. One central location will keep them returning. Overall, the user interface is keeping them captivated. Take a site like Buzzfeed. They have used rich media to their advantage. From the videos that are across Facebook to the themed quizzes you can take. The traffic is immeasurable with a platform like this with the technique they have created. Rich media allows brands to be creative with the service or product they provide. The brand awareness is maximized as a result.

Creativity is a factor, but understanding and implementing the proper strategies is the best place to start. Static photos are no longer enough. Movement is needed, but even a GIF is old news. Although the images displayed may be clear, there are plenty of competitors posting and sharing the same thing. For SEO purposes, a certain formula must be followed for images. The image quality is a factor, but images must also be optimized and descriptive. That allows the images to be found among the competitors. The size must be considered as well. The best option would be to make sure that the images are compatible with mobile devices. Otherwise, the loading speed will slow down. That’s an immediate way to turn away potential customers.

Videos and SEO have a slight difference opposed to images. With videos, the video content strategy needs to be established. Anyone can post a video, but what message are you trying to convey? What problem are you solving? What question are you answering? There must be a call to action to the video to keep customers clicking. Like images, optimization is key.

Rich Media Advertising

To drive business, rich media has been used for advertising. Standard banner ads are now intensified with the rich media that is added. That includes videos, carousel, mapping tools, data capture, and social media. Social media is essential for any brand regardless of whether they are a product or a service. Having social media creates an additional avenue to engage with customers. This could be Facebook and Twitter, but also Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest. Having those buttons to click on is instant engagement.

Including videos help as well. It’s not a standard photo that would flash a coupon code. Rich media takes it to a new level. When creating the content, you’re looking to provide a message. That same coupon code could be offered, but it would be in a way that walks through a process. You are bringing the customer in and making them a part of the story you created. How are they using your service? How will your product benefit them? Sharing this angle in a video would help to steer away from a typical ad. Those ads are not what people want to hear. It’s the same that it has been for decades. Therefore, going above and beyond in creation of these videos differentiates your brand from the competition.

Mobile Compatibility

Implementing rich media into a marketing strategy is crucial, but noting the mobile aspect of it is another. Just like a plan is created for the content, the question is, will it work on a mobile device? Most people are not browsing their computers like they used to. With mobile phones, whether it is iOs or Android, they are the first choice. The compact size and convenience of a basic search will keep it in front of a computer. Brands keeping this is mind will benefit in the end.

With mobile compatibility at the forefront, the plan will be solidified. There will be no back tracking and it saves time as well as your customers. If a website continuously fails to work, customers are not going to keep going to it. They will find a competitor that offers what they need and have an overall better user interface.

Ultimately, rich media has surpassed just posting videos or photos. It is an all-inclusive tool that works across multiple platforms for a brand. Additionally, the content and advertising work hand in hand to maximize the reach for the brand. The sole purpose of rich media is to engage customers. The interest is in what is being offered. The benefits of rich media is not only will customers continue to click, but they will return as well.



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