2017 Online Shopping Wars: Redefining Tricks of the Trade

If you can’t beat them, join them. The famous idiom seems to go both directions when it comes to defining who is ahead in the retail game. Is it Amazon or Walmart? Who is the ruler of the online shopping wars? Amazon products are now displayed next to the organic celery. Walmart has become a […]

Amazon’s Transition to a Brick-and-Mortar Furniture Store May Be on the Horizon

Amazon’s transition to a brick-and-mortar furniture store may be on the horizon.  Amazon has come a long way from its early beginnings as an online bookstore. They are constantly evolving and changing the landscape of what is to be an e-commerce business. While they dominate online, they are slowly putting wheels into motion for brick-and-mortar […]

Walmart’s Supplier Management Creates Map of Accountability

Walmart’s Supplier Management Creates Map of Accountability Large and small retailers alike have a responsibility to sell goods that were safely manufactured.  As a leader in the industry Walmart has guidelines in place for its suppliers.  Walmart’s supplier management system sets the benchmarks and criteria for brands that sell through the retailer.  Suppliers are required […]

Walmart is Serious with New Product Content Specifications

With content marketing being the darling of the marketing world right now every major retailer is jumping on board. Product descriptions are the most integral pieces in content marketing for brands. Walmart knows this and wants to make sure all if retailers are following suit. Walmart has unveiled its new requirements through its product content […]


      Walmart’s Marketplace is constantly looking to add valuable suppliers to its network. If you are lucky, you might receive an invitation to join their Marketplace.  Marketplace enables small businesses to reach a projected 80 million consumers.  In addition to a major audience reach, small businesses can sell their products alongside Walmart and […]

Walmart and Jet: A Match Made in Heaven?

Earlier this year, Walmart acquired Jet for $3.3 billion. At first glance, the two companies use opposite retail models. Walmart owns the brick-and-mortar space while Jet relies on e-commerce. At the time, most focused on what Jet could offer Walmart. Of course, after a closer look, the American retail giant has just as much to […]