Battle of the Furniture E-Commerce Retailers

Battle of the Furniture E-Commerce Retailers We are in an age where people opt for e-commerce retailers versus physical locations. It’s more convenient to shop online. For one, you can browse hundreds of products and compare them to similar styles with the click of a button. Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair are three that stand out […]

Walmart’s Supplier Management Creates Map of Accountability

Walmart’s Supplier Management Creates Map of Accountability Large and small retailers alike have a responsibility to sell goods that were safely manufactured.  As a leader in the industry Walmart has guidelines in place for its suppliers.  Walmart’s supplier management system sets the benchmarks and criteria for brands that sell through the retailer.  Suppliers are required […]


This year, e-commerce will change the retail game once again.  In the past, product descriptions, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing were the e-commerce giants.  While those e-commerce tools will remain important, new significant technologies will emerge in 2017.  The newest trends come from previous innovations.  New platforms including Chat Bots, Augmented Reality (AR) […]


      Walmart’s Marketplace is constantly looking to add valuable suppliers to its network. If you are lucky, you might receive an invitation to join their Marketplace.  Marketplace enables small businesses to reach a projected 80 million consumers.  In addition to a major audience reach, small businesses can sell their products alongside Walmart and […]