Is Content Still King?

It is simply not enough to market your brand by advertising sales to your customers. Consumers want there to be a relationship beyond a purchasing transaction. Gathering relevant information and presenting it to your customers can help create that connection. Content curation turns your brand into an authority. By offering useful information instead of constantly marketing your […]

SEO Trends You Need To Know For 2017

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool businesses use to stay ahead of the competition. In its simplest form, it helps a site’s content rise in search rankings. As with most things, SEO is far more complicated than that. The information and customer behaviors that inform optimization efforts change constantly. Algorithms and AI structures evolve […]

What Happened to the Sales and Marketing Industry?

What Happened to the Sales and Marketing Industry? Align Sales and Marketing Teams – Maximize ROI and Marketing Efforts! It used to be that the Sales and Marketing teams were on the same side of the rope. As time and technology evolves, we now see that they are on the opposite sides and seem to be […]

The New Face of Marketing

Long gone are the times where we would hold our most coveted company secrets away from our consumers. With the rise of the Internet and social media, companies have now been put in a position where they can exchange their secrets for a close-knit relationship with their consumers. Companies are no longer just makers of […]