How to Generate More Sales to Your eCommerce Website

One of the many issues any type of business usually struggle with is sales. Brands thrive on boosting and increasing sales. The same goes for eCommerce websites. Like any business, the goal is to generate more sales. But with all the competition, how does one increase their eCommerce sales rate? This is the question we will be answering.


Like any task, research is an essential initial step. Any smart business man or woman should know the ins and outs of their market. If you aim to increase your eCommerce website’s sales, you should study eCommerce business statistics. This way, you can see what sells and what doesn’t. You can analyze which strategies help gain more sales and what techniques don’t work.

Build your brand’s reputation online.

Like everything nowadays, the reputation of a business is best built online. An eCommerce brand’s reputation online is a huge factor in garnering more sales. A strong online presence just does not do it anymore. Now you have to build a good reputation that will result in customers trusting you more. It is a fact that the best advocate for your brand are your current clients. They have tried and tested your products and services, and they will most likely leave an online review. This is why to build your brand’s online reputation, you not only offer quality products but also quality customer service. Make sure that every customer interaction, whether online or offline, is a positive one. It is also important that you engage with your consumers online. Always be available to answer inquiries, comments, and replies. Be active on the social media platforms your eCommerce website is associated with. Customers want a brand they can relate to, so always make sure that your posts and its contents are up to date.

Invest on advertisements that tell a story.

Although technology and the internet has infiltrated how we do our businesses, good old advertising still works. But it comes with its own twist now. People are done with brand centered advertising. They want more — they want advertisements they feel a connection to. Showcasing your brand in a way elicits an emotion makes your brand easier to remember and more likeable. This is why advertisements that actually tell a story are more effective than those that don’t.

Email marketing.

Email marketing, when done right, can drive up a business’ sales. Always ensure that your email list is updated with quality leads. Guaranteeing that you’re using quality leads saves you both the time and effort you put in your marketing campaigns. One additional benefit of having an email list of relevant leads is that it encourages customer retention. With an email list, you can easily reach out to consumers about abandoned carts and discounts. Once you’ve nailed the email marketing campaigns and email list, think about your email schedule. It is important to make your consumers feel like they can contact you. But you shouldn’t be annoying. Avoid sending multiple emails in a day at all costs. Schedule one or two a week. Never bombard your consumers with uneccesary emails.

Be mobile friendly.

When you’re an eCommerce brand, it is important you realize that your consumers want to shop from their phones. This is why eCommerce websites should be mobile phone friendly. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile use. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, chances are, it could drive potential consumers away. The reality is that people love the convenience of shopping with their phones or tablets. This is why having a mobile friendly site or a mobile application for your website should be on top of your priority list.

Regularly offer discounts.

This may be a simple concept, but not too many brands are offering discounts to their consumers. If you think offering discounts can affect your profit margins, think again. There is actually a trick as old as time that could certainly help you offer more discounts and not lose your profit. You can hike up the regular prices for a while and then suddenly offer discounts. This trick has proven to be an effective marketing campaign to drive up sales quickly.

Showcase your best-sellers.

Most people don’t really know what they’re looking for. This is why giving them a nudge in the right direction is beneficial for both parties. Create a “best selling category” for your website. This will help consumers see what others are already purchasing. This technique works best for eCommerce sites that sell a range of products. Seeing all the products may be overwhelming for most. Showing customers your top-selling items can help them understand what they want and help you get more sales. This can also be an opportunity to upsell more products. Consumers may intend to buy a cheaper item before seeing the best-selling category. But they may change their minds when they see the premium one on your best-selling category.
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