What Happened to the Sales and Marketing Industry?

What Happened to the Sales and Marketing Industry?

Align Sales and Marketing Teams – Maximize ROI and Marketing Efforts!

It used to be that the Sales and Marketing teams were on the same side of the rope. As time and technology evolves, we now see that they are on the opposite sides and seem to be counterproductive. They have the same goal – to increase revenue. Their strengths are different which causes a mix up in plans to move forward. A marketing department should know the industry and the type of clients important to a company. On the other hand, the sales department has first hand experience with clients and the quality of leads.

Understand Each Team to Move Forward Cohesively

First, the marketing team studies your customer. They work on building a strong foundation, establishing good leads and keeping customers engaged. Second, marketers build brand awareness and nurture client relationships. Finally, they create content that will appeal to them. This process usually takes more time and must be done diligently to be effective.

On the other hand, the sales team is on the front line working to solve a problem for a particular prospect.
Their goal is to get the sale that day. Most of the time, they have a quota to meet which requires a faster approach. They may not have the time to study each individual. However, they still are able to give the client their personal touch and create a relationship to encourage customer retention.

Tips to have a more cohesive unit and get your Sales and Marketing teams back on the same page!

Promote Transparency Between Departments

Each side can benefit from knowing what the other does. Your marketing team can shadow a sales interaction and observe objections that they regularly encounter. From those observations, the marketing team can do their research and create tools like a FAQ sheet to assist the sales team in getting the customer to the finish line.

Sales teams sitting in during marketing goal discussions can help the salespersons get a better view of the long-term goal for the brand. Once they gain an appreciation for the strategy, they are able to better communicate that to the customer.  Finally, that knowledge translates into more sales and customer retention.

Establish Who Your Customer Is

Sales and Marketing teams working together to identify the target audience  will be beneficial in the long run. A marketer’s job is essentially to create content for the target audience and to keep them engaged. Through marketing automation, marketer’s get to understand how this person thinks and which products appeal to them. Keeping the sales team in the loop allows them to prepare for this customer and their needs with the specialized attention that they require to get them to purchase.

Turn Marketing Relationships into Sales

Through content marketing, marketers are able to grow their social media following, increase their blog subscribers, and add to their email lists. With the help of the Sales department, marketers can take these relationships to the next level by offering promotions that are suggested or approved by the sales team.

Both departments being on the same team ensures that there is no stepping on toes. The marketing department is given an opportunity to be more creative with the deals that the Sales department put on the table. At the end of day, the customer will be happy!

All in all, keeping the sales and marketing departments on the same side of the fence will have innumerable benefits to the organization. Not only will marketing utilize the information that they’ve studied, they will also use concerns from the sales team to turn every lead into a sale.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any additional ways to create an effective Sales and Marketing team?

Chawaine Reid
[email protected]
Marketing Assistant at Eighteen Knowledge Group LLC.

Check out 18knowledge.com, your solution for brand building and getting your products in the hands of consumers.

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