Selling Your Products Online

So you’ve created a great product. Now it’s time to get that product to a bigger audience. The world of online sales can be your oyster. While there are ways to set up your own shop online, but why not look for a bigger alliance and become a vendor with an online sales giant? Of course, there are many questions involved. What is needed with internal operations? What are the challenges? How can you set your business up for success in this competitive online market? Just how do you get started selling your products online? Lucky for you,  we’re here to help.

Where to Start?

The very best way to begin selling online is to make sure you have a clear explanation of your product. Customers look at descriptions online when deciding which product suits their needs. But the best content does more than providing that information to the buyer. It convinces the buyer that they need to purchase the product. To aid you in this process there are agencies that offer useful services in crafting perfect content to start successfully selling online. Within these agencies, there are roles specific to getting your product where it needs to be. On, in particular, are writers that create informative descriptions and then reel in the customer’s attention to start purchasing their products online. Most importantly, the content designed must adhere to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines to ensure the content is highlighted in major search engines.


Amazon has a few options for selling products online, including Advantage, Vendor Express, and Seller Central. One of the best programs at Amazon is the invite-only Vendor Central. Amazon assumes the responsibility of a full-time distributor. Amazon has created one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). They buy and store inventory, in addition to handling pricing, distribution, and returns. Amazon is known for excellent customer service and customer loyalty through Amazon Prime, so becoming a vendor in Vendor Central would be a fantastic goal in growing online sales.


As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart is a great company to align with selling products online. And it just so happens that Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) “speaks fluent Walmart.” We are ready to consult with you and address your specific needs in establishing a new partnership with Walmart. Even if you have just begun to consider selling to Walmart and are looking to take the next step, EKG is useful in addressing your needs. Walmart could definitely be the partner that takes your business to the next level. With tools like Walmart’s Retail Link®, vendors have access to comprehensive data. Buyer patterns, peak sales times, sales predictions and even weather-related trends are useful reports for vendors. With access to this information, it helps vendors connect with customer trends and curate positive shopping experiences.

Inventory Management

The only way customers can continue to buy your products is to have an accurate grasp of current and future inventory. The type of seller profile you establish with Amazon or Walmart can determine your approach to inventory management. As a seller on Amazon’s Vendor Central, inventory is purchased and stored by Amazon. The only trick it to keeping their reserves stocked. Meanwhile, Walmart requires its vendors to meet strict stock goals to stay on track with sales expectations. It is important to establish what kind of replenishment program your company wants to create, whether weekly or seasonal.

Continued Success

At the end of the day, a great shopping experience often comes down to excellent customer service. And by executing great communication with buyers, it can lead to an important dialogue that leads to repeat sales. Even if Amazon or Walmart are managing most of the sales and inventory, it is worth spending some effort on a customer service specialist. They can assist in following-up with customers. This is also an excellent place for your social media pages to check-in with customers, plus more. That includes:  liking comments or posts, offer suggestions or solutions, and provide updated and fresh content to drive traffic to your sales platforms.

So What Now?

It can be somewhat overwhelming to imagine making the leap from selling at your local mom and pop shop to opening a storefront online with Amazon or Walmart. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) is experienced in helping our clients with this transition and we are eager to help you build your best business! Time and time again, sellers are finding their business booms when they make a transition to selling with one of the giants in online shopping. There is a piece of the pie for everyone. It is up to you to make sure your products stand out among the competitors. EKG can assist you in finding your best platform, generating interest with optimized content, inventory management, and customer follow-up.

Sharon Shichor is the CEO of Eighteen Knowledge Group LLC, your solution and knowledge base for brand building and getting your products and services in the hands of consumers.

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