Product Description: How Important Is it to Product Visibility?


You have the most amazing product but no one is buying it. You are puzzled. How could this be? You know that you have priced it right. Your images are spot on. So, why no sales? Did you take the time to write a thoughtful and concise product description? If you answered no to the last question, chances are you did not realize how important a product description can be to a consumer.

Your product description is your elevator pitch. Why should a consumer buy your product? You have a short amount of time to be clever, informative and persuasive. You do not want to lose the potential buyer’s attention. In an instant, they will find a similar product that draws them in elsewhere.


There are many ways in which to write a good product description.  Many writers agree that it is all about the emotional language you use in your writing.  That language compels the consumer to purchase your item. A consumer has a good reason to purchase your item over a competitor with an emotional attachment to an item. In effect, the language has created an intangible bond with them. Kissmetrics, an analytics and marketing blog, gives several examples as to how to use emotional language in your description.  Replacing common words with synonyms that evoke feelings and apply to the buyer’s senses such as “aroma” or “savor” can be very effective.


Speaking to your consumers is also important. You want to make sure that they feel as though they are part of a conversation. This is one of the trickiest things in writing a product description. You must convey your point while making it sound like you are speaking directly to them. First, think about how you would pitch your product in front of an audience during a demonstration. Then, think about how you would talk and interact with consumers that were listening to you. Finally, translate that to paper. This will ensure that buyers feel engaged in what they are reading.


At this point, you might be wondering what about the actual product details like dimensions, materials and where it was made. Well, in most online retail spaces such as Amazon and Walmart, there is a separate tab for product details. In that tab, you can include additional information to describe your product effectively. This section allows for product details to be clearly displayed to the consumer after the initial emotional investment to your product has been made.  In addition, this distinction benefits your brand. For example, if an item might be too big or too small, the consumer will look to see what other items you might have to fit their needs. Once your initial product description connects with the consumer, they will be interested to learn of other available items.


If you sell your products online, you are aware of the effect that SEO has on your business It brings the consumer who does not know about you or your brand to your product. A product description is one of the best organic ways to boost your own SEO if you do it correctly. Emotional language and speaking to your consumer is very important., However, you also need to make sure that your product description includes keywords that your target market would be looking for.

It is important to spend time to find the best keyword to use. An appropriate keyword will help your targeted consumer find you in the sea of online retailers. However, if you are selling a product as a Walmart Retailer and someone else is selling the product on a different site, do not simply copy and paste their description. It could it be considered plagiarizing. In addition, it will give you negative SEO. Search engines look down on that practice of multiple content and will harshly penalize you.


As an online retailer, using an Omnichannel approach is now considered a typical best practice. Omnichannel will enable you to get your product information to many potential consumers in your target audience. An effective product description can be used in a Facebook post, an e-blast, your ecommerce site and mobile marketing initiatives.  Also, your product description can generate instore sales through product knowledge. Thus, this strategy conveys your product and its description to multiple consumers in your audience through its uniformity while still engaging with the consumer.

This also allows for you to spend less time coming up with content for each channel.  You can manipulate that description to fit the channel’s needs. It also gives consumers the option to comparison shop online prior to going to their local brick-and-mortar to purchase your item. Many consumers who review products online before going to the store purchase them. Your description will help them easily locate your item in the shop. Also, there will be less chance of a them purchasing a competitor’s item when inside because they have the emotional connection.

Sharon Shichor is the CEO of Eighteen Knowledge Group LLC, your solution and knowledge base for brand building and getting your products in the hands of consumers online and in stores. With over 15 years of wholesale-retail experience, speaking fluent Walmart language.

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