Optimize Your Product Descriptions for Amazon

AmazonIf you’ve bought anything online in the past year, chances are a number of your purchases were through Amazon. The e-commerce retail giant has changed the face of retail through its innovative and competitive business practices. Millions of users flock to the site intending to purchase products. In many ways, Amazon acts as a search engine for products. Looking to sell more of your product? You need to improve your products’ rankings in the search results. There are tricks you can use to bring your products to the top of the results page in addition to standard search engine optimization (SEO). Here are two areas to focus on when crafting product descriptions:


Clear Product Descriptions Attract Customers


Having the correct data inputted into your listing is of the utmost importance. Potential customers want to know exactly what they’re buying. Using a data feed to input information? Make sure the correct information is in each field. Sounds basic, but there are companies that fail to check. The result? Incorrect information and upset customers.


Also, make sure to fill in as much information as possible. The type of information may vary depending on the product. More data gives customers a complete understanding of the product and may answer any questions buyers might have.


Importance of Keywords and Bullet Points


Keywords are an important tool for any SEO efforts. Research terms and use them in the title and product description. You want Amazon to know precisely for which queries your product is appropriate . Include keywords in both description fields (bullet points and free-form text) for maximum effect.


The bullet points should describe the key features of your product. Think of them as the highlights or he elevator sales pitch. Customers want to know at a glance what it is they are buying. If they don’t like what they see in the bullet points, they won’t bother to read the rest of your content. Keep the points short and simple.


Highlight your Product


The free-form description is where you go into depth about your product. Don’t rehash the same information from the data and bullet points. By the time customers get to the longer description, they are already interested in the basics listed above. This is the part where you describe how amazing your product is and why it’s different from the dozens of similar offers on the website. Make good use of keywords and phrases (as well as related terms) to catch more attention.


Product data and text content are the foundation upon which you build your product descriptions. There are plenty of other things to consider (images, videos, etc.), but without a firm grasp on these two factors, the other content won’t do much good. In a competitive ecommerce world, optimization is everything.



Is your product content Amazon ready?


Sharon Shichor is the CEO of Eighteen Knowledge Group LLC, your solution and knowledge base for brand building and getting your products in the hands of consumers. With over 15 years of wholesale-retail experience, she speaks the language of Walmart fluently.

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