Marketing’s Role in Supply Chain Management

Marketing’s Role in Supply Chain Management

A Supply Chain Management (SCM) team’s job is to supervise materials, information and finances related to getting goods in the hands of the consumer. This team takes the goods from product development to a supplier and then to the manufacturer.  Then, goods go to a distributor, to a retailer and, finally, to the customer. Many believe that a marketing team’s main role is to create good communication between a company and its customer. The goal is to drive sales. However, the relationship extends deeper than that.

Marketing is an important tool in the Supply Chain process,  First, it has the ability to appreciate the customer as a person and not just a number. Second, marketers act as a liaison between manufacturer, distributor, and customer. Finally, marketers job is to establish a corporation’s public philosophy. In the Supply Chain process, matching compatible philosophies will aid in the success of the business. Each leg of the supply chain should have the same goals and ideals.  Then, the greater goal will occur more efficiently and effectively.

There are countless challenges that arise in SCM that are inevitable. However, a dependable marketing team can ease some of the pressures or even foresee and prevent them.

Sourcing Talent

Many times a business fails because of the inadequacy of the people managing their supply chain. A marketing team that builds a reputable brand attracts talent that is truly capable of the challenges ahead. Some of the best employees are actual customers of a company. Successful marketers always focus on the customer and his needs.

Customer Service

Balancing customer demands with cost containment is one of the most challenging parts of SCM. A marketing team is equipped with the resources to answer the necessary questions to determine the demands of the customer. They are able to directly communicate which products are needed and should be introduced to the market. Also, they know which products no longer serve customers as they did in the past, and which products should be shelved.

• E-Commerce

Many do not know how to use E-Commerce as a channel to create customer value. The technological advances of this millennium have completely transformed the Marketing industry. Marketers know how to reach audiences that will grow an E-Commerce business. In short, marketers prepare a company to become a contender among the competition.

Marketing and the Supply Chain practice are mutually dependent. Decision making in SCM directly affects the marketing team and vice versa. When one department has a problem, the other department should  help to fix it. Departments should share knowledge and communicate frequently. In this way, the supply chain process will be successful.

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