Keep Your Millennial Customers by Engaging the Way They Want You To!

The way customer service is delivered has changed drastically since the introduction of the millennials in the workplace. It is no surprise that the largest and most educated generation in history is significantly different from their predecessors and demands more to keep up with the rapid acceleration of technology.

Keeping Up

Many companies fail when it comes to customer service because of their inability to keep up with the demands of the millennials. According to a study conducted by,

Over 69% of Americans said that they are more loyal to organizations that ‘make me feel like they know me when I contact their customer service people.’

A personalized approach with millennial customers will result in the progression of any company.

To be able to perfect the customer service approach geared toward this age group, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. They want it now.
  2. They’re self-sufficient.
  3. They’re not afraid to cut ties.
  4. They appreciate brands that evolve with technology.

They Want It, and They Want It Now!

Patience is definitely not a strong suit of millennials especially with the evolution of the Internet. In a world where everything is accessible online, sitting through long hold times on the phone and having to repeat an issue to multiple different people after being transferred multiple times is not something that they are willing to endure.

Having online forums, swift email responses, and Live Chat boxes are solutions to this problem that will keep your millennial customers satisfied. Offering these services in multiple languages will also ensure that you appeal to all the millennials searching for assistance.


Though they are logging in to your website for help or concerns, millennials are more self-dependent and are willing to fix their issues themselves with a little guidance from your support team. reported,

Over 65% of all Americans say that they feel good about themselves and the company when they can solve a problem without talking to customer service.

How-to video guides, FAQ’s pages, and community forums will give your customer a chance to search for the answers to their questions. To ensure that your customer will find exactly what they are looking for, gather your support team and navigate through the website and/or products to foresee what kind of issues or questions may arise. Then create how-to guides to solve these problems.

They’ll build a relationship with you, but are not afraid of cutting you off!

Millennials want a chance to build an authentic bond with a company and view them for who they really are. Creating a strong presence on social media sites and sharing valuable content (in the form of blogs, articles, etc.) with customers will show them that you really care about their interests and are devoted to keeping them forever! Getting to know the faces of your brand is also important to them, so having an “About Us” page or a personalized page of employee’s favorite things will allow them to have a sense of closeness with your company.

However, if at any point they are dissatisfied with the customer service that they are receiving, millennials are not afraid to walk away. As stated by Aspect,

“Over the past year, Millennials, more than any other generation, have moved away from at least one company because of bad customer service. This translates to billions of dollars in lost revenue and profit from existing customers because a company did not deliver good customer service.”

Millennials are aware that there is always a competing company that could potentially fulfill all of their needs and they are not afraid to go find it. So staying engaged and on top of their interests will keep you in their good graces.

They appreciate a company’s resilience to the ever-changing technology.

Millennials are mindful that technology grows and changes everyday. They feel good when a company stays up to date on new platforms and ways to communicate.

Companies should make an effort to be active on multiple platforms including social media, text messaging, and their own websites. Having countless ways to reach and connect with you will ensure that your customer will be satisfied.

What do you think about maintaining customer service with millennials? Comment and share below!


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