Does Quality Packaging Really Matter in Online Shopping?

We’ve all heard the term “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” For many consumers, that is exactly what is done to determine the value of a product. When a customer walks into a store and finds a product with impeccable packaging, it makes the purchase that much easier. But, in the realm of online shopping, is the packaging still as important? The answer is yes!

Break the customer package experience into two phases. That will help you to make the best decision when figuring out packaging for a product. Consider the customer experience before purchase, Then, focus on after the purchase when the product arrives at its destination.

Before Purchase

1. Photography

Posting photos of the product and its packaging online gives your customer the opportunity to examine the product virtually. Including a zoom-in option to view the fine prints on the package, or inspect the seams of the exterior covering will give your customer the extra comfort while purchasing.

2. Recognizable Packaging

Many consumers may have purchased a product in the store and are looking for the same product. Or, they may have seen their friend using the product and now wish to purchase it online. Distinct packaging helps the customer to find the product, which leads to the purchase.

Also, the age of social media and influencer marketing is very important. Seeing the product and its casing on social media multiple times leads to the image being ingrained in the consumer’s psyche. It is then the first image that arises when looking for a product.

3. Highlight Features

Highlight sustainable materials to appeal to green customers. Note specific details such as “Made from 100% recyclable materials” or “Packaged in Tetra-Pak.” Suddenly, your product appeals to a different target audience.

After Purchase

1. Marketing Materials

Using packaging for marketing is the easiest thing to implement. First, adding a thank you card with a discount on the next purchase makes the consumer a repeat customer. Second, adding a reusable bag that stored the product in the shipping carton makes your customer a walking billboard. Most often,  reusable tote bags are used in the supermarket, at shopping in the mall, or even for laundry. Finally, a bright, branded shipping carton or box catches the eyes of anyone with whom it comes in contact . This extra step enhances brand awareness and can be used in your social media marketing campaigns.

2. Intact Packaging

Having packaging that is durable enough to withstand shipping is extremely important to a customer. You will get an automatic bad review if a customer has to return a product damaged during the shipping process. In addition, durable packaging minimizes additional costs associated with losses.

Overall, believing that E-commerce results in unimportant and bleak aesthetic for packaging is definitely the wrong thought. Ensuring that your product has attractive and sturdy packaging is just as important as if the product was on the shelves in a brick and mortar location.

Did we miss anything? Let us know by commenting below.

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