Content Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Many look at the similarities in Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing and assume that they are the same concept. Although they may overlap in certain areas and depend on each other to be successful, they aren’t the same thing!

Content Marketing uses organic ideas and writings posted on home websites to appeal to their customers. Whether the content is directly related to the product that the company is selling or a topic that is somehow appealing to their target audience, content marketing is used to build a bond with customers so that they will return to the home website. Content marketing is meaningful and valuable content often seen in blogs, articles, press releases, videos online, etc. Social media is used as a medium to portray messages to the target audience to further demonstrate expertise in a field and to produce conversation in the audience.

Social Media Marketing uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to gain traffic to a companies’ website. It is often a link from the website redirecting traffic to view blog posts, and other useful information. Social media marketing also utilizes platforms to speak directly to the consumer to further build a relationship with the target audience. Asking questions, giving out discount codes via social media websites, and answering questions/concerns all play a role in social media marketing.

Having a successful marketing plan will require the incorporation of both of these ideas. The two depend on each other to maximize the results of indirect Internet marketing. Content marketing relies on social media marketing to get the useful and fact-rich content that a consumer is looking for. These two components of marketing are used to complement and strengthen each other without marketing overload. Successful marketing plans will use social media as a tool to listen, monitor, and interact with customers to be able to effectively create more content that will appeal to the target audience.

Since you know all about content and social media marketing, here’s a tip you can use right away: Actively pull in your target audience to engage, you will build a community and relationship with your customers. Isn’t that the goal of marketing anyway?


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