Choosing an SEO Firm for Your Company

Cshutterstock_379771354hoosing an SEO Firm for Your Company may not be the easiest task. Knowing that you need SEO is the first step in getting your site into the hands of potential customers.  In reality, you are already ahead of half of your competitors who believe that a website is all they need.  The challenge becomes that you have no clue where to begin. Should you go about it on your own and spend countless hours trying to teach yourself SEO?  The problem with that is SEO is constantly changing, especially in terms of Google.  Last year alone Google changed its SEO algorithm almost 500 times.

Many companies specialize in SEO but, what company should you choose?  What criteria are they using to boost their client’s results? How long have they been working in SEO?  Do they use black hat SEO tactics? Do they only focus on Google?  SEO goes beyond a basic Google search. There is a lot of groundwork that must be done to ensure you choose the right SEO firm for your brand.

SEO may be confusing if you do not know all the ins and outs.  It can be hard to navigate on your own especially when searching for a firm to assist you.  Let’s take a closer look at the misconceptions of SEO, why you need it, and how to choose the right firm.

Misconceptions of SEO

While Google is a great aide when it comes to finding things, be careful when searching for SEO firms. What may be listed as the best in your geographic area may not be completely accurate. There are different factors that play into the ranking. For example, it could be the activity of the firm’s website versus the work that they complete.

Just because a website is nicely put together does not mean anything for what the company can do for you. Dig deeper into what the company offers. Look beyond the initial appearance. What exactly do they do? What are their results?

Hundreds of employees mean nothing. There are plenty of smaller firms that can give you the same results so the size of a company does not matter. However much they are making could be coming from somewhere else.

Most importantly, no firm has a secret code. They may have specific tactics that produce stunning results, but there is no defined SEO secret formula.

Why You Need SEO

SEO is a necessity in the growth of your company. It enhances visibility, traffic, and credibility. With the proper SEO, the rankings are higher and there is an overall better user experience. The higher the ranking, there’s instantly an increase of traffic to the website. The website being mobile friendly and updated with crisp images or videos engages the consumer. Aside from ranking and user experience, proper SEO catapults the company’s credibility as well. The higher ranking prevents the company from landing on the second or third page which can lead to misconceptions by the consumer. Landing on that first page solidifies your brand.

While you may be concerned about the pricing, SEO is an investment. Regardless of the cost, if done right, the results make it all worth it. It sets the tone and foundation or the future of your company. Think of all the business gained by making SEO a part of the plan. As noted above, it’s obvious that traffic increases with the higher rating, but think of the aftermath of that initial reach.

The worst option is to not have any form of SEO in place. Your competition does and ignoring this tool is a blindside that could easily be avoided. Taking the first step to figure out the SEO your company needs is crucial. With technology and marketing constantly evolving, having this handled adds ease. You will thank yourself in the future.

Choosing the Right SEO Firm

Below are three tips that will help you choosing the right SEO firm from start to finish.

  1. Know your goal

    SEO is very complex and you need to define your goal from the beginning. Know what you want whether it’s more visitors, shoppers, visibility, etc. The direction of your company depends on the expectations and standards you set. Throughout your search, take notes on whether they would be a match to your criteria. With your notes, you will be able to have a thorough assessment of the company, if it will be a right fit, and the questions you need to ask.

  2. Shop around

    Do not go with the first firm that you see even if you’re short on time. Conduct a search of three or more firms and narrow down your choice from there. Most firms offer free consultations so use that to your advantage. In shopping around, do not mention the fact that you are. The firm does not need to know that you’re looking elsewhere.

  3. Ask for results

    What will set any firm apart from the pack are their results. Be sure to engage in conversation about the firms experience with SEO, their case studies, and references. This information will display whether that firm will work with what you need. A search audit can seal the deal if you’re still in limbo between two companies. It consists of your ranking plus recommendations. These recommendations have additional information as to how to implement them. It can be difficult to assess just how much a firm will do for you, but with the information they provide and what they have done for previous clients, you will have a general idea.

The landscape of your company can instantly change with SEO. If you already have it in place, great. If not, the information above should be helpful. There may be a lot of misconceptions surrounding the optimization, but there’s no denying that it is a valuable asset.

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