Three Instantaneous Ways to Build Your Brand on Facebook

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Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has changed the landscape of social media. It has transformed from common interaction with long lost family and friends to a vital tool for businesses. Facebook is a huge platform with a vast audience of 2 billion. Having a connection to them is one that should not be taken for granted. This free tool will take work, but whether you do it yourself or have a team of experts do it for you, it will be a huge asset to your brand. Below are  three instantaneous ways to build your brand on Facebook.

Know Your Audience

When creating a Facebook business page, you need to establish an audience. The easiest way to do so is to invite the friends that you already have from a personal page. They are familiar with you and would love to support your brand! To further establish your credibility, invite existing customers to your page. With a new page, they may not know that it exists. To do this, use Facebook’s built in feature that allows you to add emails suggesting the page you just created. This is crucial whether you have a growing business or one more established.

Building a Facebook page takes time and does not happen overnight. Engagement with your followers will help your audience flourish. Exclusivity is a major selling point! They will want to see what you offer aside from what can be seen on the surface of your website. Invite them to participate with polls or surveys. Giving a behind the scenes look and asking for what their opinion shows that you value what they think.

Don’t Forget to Post

Posts are essential to building a community with your followers. You may wonder, what exactly should you post. The topics discussed must relate to your brand whether it’s directly or indirectly. For example, you could share a combination of new products or promotions. Also, don’t forget to always link back to your website. A regular text post just isn’t enough so images or a video will need to be added.

The length of the post is very important. Longer posts are generally anywhere between 100-250 words. If you prefer something shorter, 60 to 80 characters will quickly get the message across. Take note that content should not constantly be an advertisement of your brand. The caption can display your product in a conversational way which makes your followers feel more like friends than customers.

Including engaging images and videos is a great starting point to interact with your followers. Leave stagnant photos behind and enhance your selection. Brighter images that show the product or service in action work best. Followers want something to look at, but most importantly, they’ll share it with their followers. Taking the time to strategize and create that chain reaction will benefit your brand in the long run. Whether it’s people you know or existing customers sharing, you’re expanding your reach to potential customers.

Timing is important! When posting something about your product or service, late at night or a holiday may not be the best option. A consensus of success shows that posting late in the afternoon, and mid-afternoon on the weekends. Posting is a process of trial and error. There are firms that are skilled in jumpstarting your brand across all social media. They will create the content for you, and quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.

Sharing is Caring

Your page is created and your audience is building. The content is gaining traction, but you wonder, how else can you amplify your reach? Do not box yourself in to Facebook! Share your posts on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Instagram has a setting that will share your posts back to your Facebook business page. Taking the additional steps of sharing on multiple platforms is an instant way to broaden your audience.

Similar to how you added the emails to suggest your Facebook page, send an email to your existing customers that may have missed the notice. Facebook has a large population and it’s easy to have your updates slip through the cracks. Sending a reminder email will target that core group of customers again.

Advertisements are also a way to build your audience and your overall Facebook reach, but be careful with how much is spent. The interaction can be difficult with the constant changes that Facebook implements. If you are unsure of how to go about advertising your brand on Facebook, this would be the best time to seek the help of a firm to monetize this for you. They will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck and create an ad that best represents your brand.


Sharon Shichor is the CEO of Eighteen Knowledge Group LLC, your solution and knowledge base for brand building and getting your products in the hands of consumers. With over 15 years of wholesale-retail experience, she speaks the language of Walmart fluently.

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