How Can You Reduce Product Returns?

Photo by Bryan Angelo on Unsplash Customer returns are pricey. Each year, customer returns cost businesses billions of dollars. Retailers suffer from increased supply chain costs. There is always the possibility that the goods are no longer sellable. The leniency of shipping return and exchange policies has made it easy for customers. Products may be […]

When I Am Asked How Walmart Does it….

When it comes to retail success I always look at Walmart for ideas and best practices. If you are a retailer there is always something to learn from this biggest big-box phenomenon. If you are a supplier or B2B2C company, you need to know the ins and outs of this giant to be able to […]

2019 E-Commerce Trends: Who’s Selling Online?

Online shopping has taken over. More and more brick and mortar stores have already integrated virtual shopping. The reality is that a majority of Americans prefer shopping online. This does not seem to change any time soon, and in fact, appears to be the way of the future. Physical locations have has to adjust and […]

The OmniChannel Approach to Online Pet Sales

The pet care industry has grown astoundingly in the past few years. According to a research study, that’s primarily due to the recent humanization of pets. Baby Boomers were the first generation to do so and have become the biggest reason for increased online sales. Millennials are following the trend as well, with a large […]

Shipping Wars: Is There a Real Winner?

When it comes to shipping products, companies are constantly trying to entice their customers with the best deal. Add enough items to your cart and you’ll be able to receive free shipping. Not only will it be free, but you’ll get your purchase in two days. To cut costs even more, many businesses are offering […]

What’s Next for Retail Marketing?

Retail is an ever-changing landscape that is always trying to stay ahead of the next big thing. To keep evolving in the retail world, brands must use retail marketing to stay relevant and interesting to consumers. People are always looking for new experiences and things to try, which means that retailers must innovate. There’s no […]

Walmart Innovations

Walmart is the largest retailer in the United States with over 5,000 stores nationwide. It ranks at the top of all U.S retail sales. But for some time, Amazon has been a looming competitor. Because of its success in brick-and-mortar, Walmart has mostly ignored its e-commerce business. With the amount of it’s market value, it’s […]

Walmart’s Supplier Management Creates Map of Accountability

Walmart’s Supplier Management Creates Map of Accountability Large and small retailers alike have a responsibility to sell goods that were safely manufactured.  As a leader in the industry Walmart has guidelines in place for its suppliers.  Walmart’s supplier management system sets the benchmarks and criteria for brands that sell through the retailer.  Suppliers are required […]

Walmart is Serious with New Product Content Specifications

With content marketing being the darling of the marketing world right now every major retailer is jumping on board. Product descriptions are the most integral pieces in content marketing for brands. Walmart knows this and wants to make sure all if retailers are following suit. Walmart has unveiled its new requirements through its product content […]

Walmart Seller’s Guide: Content Marketing to Gain Visibility

To be successful in business right now, a brand has to use content marketing  in one form or another to gain visibility. As a Walmart seller, it might seem tricky to use content marketing as Walmart is not their brand’s site. That is a myth. Brands who sell through Walmart need to include this type […]