How Do Sellers on Online Giants Actually Sell?

When it comes to Online Giants like Amazon, sellers’ have one big concern. That is, how are they  going to get their product in the hands of the consumer? Online retailers  are swamped with hundreds of millions of products and millions of sellers. It’s no wonder that smaller manufacturers feel overwhelmed in the pool of […]

The Future of Ecommerce: Who Survives?

The ever-changing eCommerce industry has grown tremendously within the past few years. At one time, smartphones weren’t considered as an online shopping device, and now more people are using mobile to connect with stores. Social media has also made it possible for businesses to connect with their customers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have ways […]

Why You Should Develop a Business Culture, and Quickly!

Richard Perrin, Professor at the University of Nebraska, once wrote “Organizational culture is the sum of values and rituals which serves as “glue” to integrate the members of the organization.” No two businesses can have the same culture. Every business has its own unique culture, which makes it distinct from competitors. The work culture is […]

In the World of Free Shipping, Who Pays?

It has become apparent to the online retailers of the world, Amazon, Jet and the multichannel retailers as Walmart, Target, and others, free shipping is the name of the game. Walmart has launched the ShippingPass at $49 annually compared to the prime membership of $99 from Amazon. Those memberships provide free, fast shipping which has […]

The OmniChannel Approach to Online Pet Sales

The pet care industry has grown astoundingly in the past few years. According to a research study, that’s primarily due to the recent humanization of pets. Baby Boomers were the first generation to do so and have become the biggest reason for increased online sales. Millennials are following the trend as well, with a large […]

Shipping Wars: Is There a Real Winner?

When it comes to shipping products, companies are constantly trying to entice their customers with the best deal. Add enough items to your cart and you’ll be able to receive free shipping. Not only will it be free, but you’ll get your purchase in two days. To cut costs even more, many businesses are offering […]

Should Retailers Compete Against Amazon?

Amazon is definitely no push over in comparison to their competition. The e-commerce behemoth is the largest in the world and seems to be swallowing everything in its path. While it’s true there’s no way to compete with Amazon head-on, unless the business is a massive brick-and-mortar store like Walmart, there are other ways to […]

What’s Next for Retail Marketing?

Retail is an ever-changing landscape that is always trying to stay ahead of the next big thing. To keep evolving in the retail world, brands must use retail marketing to stay relevant and interesting to consumers. People are always looking for new experiences and things to try, which means that retailers must innovate. There’s no […]

The Downsize of Retail

Prophesies of the retail apocalypse have been widely exaggerated. Big box retailers aren’t dying and neither are malls. However, things are changing. Companies are realizing that with the surge of omnichannel sales, there isn’t nearly as much of a need for larger stores. Instead retailers are changing the way that spaces are used in-store. Best […]

How to Get Your Content Featured on Google Snippets

When a search engine result is displayed on a page, users get a description about the site and relevant information about what type of site it is. Google offers “rich snippets” which shows more information, such as author and year of posting. The meta description can come from different sources such as the body of […]