How to Generate More Sales to Your eCommerce Website

One of the many issues any type of business usually struggle with is sales. Brands thrive on boosting and increasing sales. The same goes for eCommerce websites. Like any business, the goal is to generate more sales. But with all the competition, how does one increase their eCommerce sales rate? This is the question we […]

4 Best Industries to Start Your Business

Anyone can start a business. If you have a profitable idea and access to the internet, you can get your business up and running easily. Starting a business is simple. Making a profit is another subject entirely. The market is saturated with would-be business people. Anyone can launch a website and start selling a product. […]

Customer Journey Map Tips

How many touchpoints are between you and your consumers? Not so long ago, customers only interacted with brands from the comfort of their sofa and in stores. TV commercials were the main point of advertising. Newspapers, radios and magazine ads were secondary. Billboards and other outdoor ads enticed some consumers, but stores were the hottest […]

Why your Business Needs to Focus on Sustainable Practices

Understanding your consumer is key to turning a lead into a conversion. Therefore, it’s important that you are in the conversation. To be in the conversation, you have to know what they’re talking about. Consumers focus on many different social and environmental subjects. The internet offers information on everything you could think of. One of […]

How Can You Reduce Product Returns?

Photo by Bryan Angelo on Unsplash Customer returns are pricey. Each year, customer returns cost businesses billions of dollars. Retailers suffer from increased supply chain costs. There is always the possibility that the goods are no longer sellable. The leniency of shipping return and exchange policies has made it easy for customers. Products may be […]

2019 E-Commerce Trends: Who’s Selling Online?

Online shopping has taken over. More and more brick and mortar stores have already integrated virtual shopping. The reality is that a majority of Americans prefer shopping online. This does not seem to change any time soon, and in fact, appears to be the way of the future. Physical locations have has to adjust and […]


Digital Marketing Strategies A marketing budget allocation is different than what it used to be. What is Digital Marketing? In this age in time, any company needs visibility online. Even when you’re not actually selling a product or service through your website, your brand or service will need to be visible when potential customers are […]

How Do Sellers on Online Giants Actually Sell?

When it comes to Online Giants like Amazon, sellers’ have one big concern. That is, how are they  going to get their product in the hands of the consumer? Online retailers  are swamped with hundreds of millions of products and millions of sellers. It’s no wonder that smaller manufacturers feel overwhelmed in the pool of […]

The Future of Ecommerce: Who Survives?

The ever-changing eCommerce industry has grown tremendously within the past few years. At one time, smartphones weren’t considered as an online shopping device, and now more people are using mobile to connect with stores. Social media has also made it possible for businesses to connect with their customers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have ways […]

Why You Should Develop a Business Culture, and Quickly!

Richard Perrin, Professor at the University of Nebraska, once wrote “Organizational culture is the sum of values and rituals which serves as “glue” to integrate the members of the organization.” No two businesses can have the same culture. Every business has its own unique culture, which makes it distinct from competitors. The work culture is […]