How to Get Your Content Featured on Google Snippets

When a search engine result is displayed on a page, users get a description about the site and relevant information about what type of site it is. Google offers “rich snippets” which shows more information, such as author and year of posting. The meta description can come from different sources such as the body of […]

Is Content Still King?

It is simply not enough to market your brand by advertising sales to your customers. Consumers want there to be a relationship beyond a purchasing transaction. Gathering relevant information and presenting it to your customers can help create that connection. Content curation turns your brand into an authority. By offering useful information instead of constantly marketing your […]

Starting an Email Marketing Campaign? Read This Case Study First!

Building a marketing plan for a e-service customer is an ongoing and challenging process. The Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) team partnered with GiftCrowd to help the brand increase and deepen their brand awareness. We needed tools to help us with the branding process as well as accurate as possible tools to measure our success and […]

Rich Media: The Ultimate Brand Converter

Static photos and regular text are a thing of the past. Rich media has taken over to create a more engaging experience. The need for is essential to any marketing plan. Its design amplifies content beyond pictures and videos keeping customers on your page without being redirected. Some websites are savvier than others including infographics […]

The Frequent Changes to the Google Algorithm

The Frequent Changes to the Google Algorithm The Google Algorithm has changed quite a bit over the years. That is to be expected with the constant evolution of technology. As to how many changes? There’s anywhere between 500 to 600 a year. With over 150 million active websites, there should be a reliable system in […]

A Tale of Social Compliance That’ll Keep You Awake at Night

It was about Mr. Sheehan’s bed time. He slipped into his 800-thread count bed sheet. Although he’s never believed it’s actually 800-thread count as advertised, it was still soft and cozy, just the way he liked it. He turned on TV to an old rerun of “I Love Lucy,” which had always helped him to […]