4 Best Industries to Start Your Business

Anyone can start a business. If you have a profitable idea and access to the internet, you can get your business up and running easily. Starting a business is simple. Making a profit is another subject entirely. The market is saturated with would-be business people. Anyone can launch a website and start selling a product. Without a solid plan of action, that product may never be sold. It all begins with having a viable idea in a profitable market. Once you’ve established a solid idea, it’s time to build a plan. Customers need to be lined up to buy that product before it launches. Otherwise, there won’t be any sales. And that’s only if there’s a market. We’ve compiled a list of the four best industries for you to start your business in 2019.

  1. Transportation
  2. CBD
  3. Green Energy
  4. Virtual & Augmented Reality


The urban sector seems to always need a new mode of transportation. Ride-sharing apps have disrupted taxi and limousine services. At one point there was only Uber, but other services like Lyft were launched. However, in crowded cities, traffic has only increased due to ride-share apps. Grabbing a cab isn’t a quick and easy solution for commuters trying to get places. That’s why micro-mobility is becoming the transportation of the future.

Micro mobility are short distance travel solutions. Some, like Citi Bike and Jump Bikes, have seen widespread popularity and use. However, the market is only continuing to expand. Cities are expected to grow immensely within the next ten years. Both governments and companies are looking for transportation solutions that don’t include adding more cars on the roads. While adding tons of e-scooters won’t be the ultimate option, it is a start. Electric-powered scooters could reduce carbon emissions and fossil-fuel use. This market will see a lot of demand in the coming years for cities, where traffic will become more and more of a problem.


It’s no wonder this industry is seeing massive growth after the legalization of hemp. The demand for CBD oil products is on the rise. Many businesses are finding it hard to keep their shelves stocked. CBD has many reported uses, from pain management to anxiety relief. It’s been approved by the FDA for an epilepsy drug. Whether or not CBD is as much a miracle drug as some studies suggest, there’s no arguing that customers want it.

From gummies to creams and lotions, it seems CBD can be used in just about everything. The FDA is still considering how exactly to regulate its use. Due to the lack of widespread studies on CBD, scientists aren’t entirely certain what its long-term effects are. That said, with so many farms making money off of this cash crop, the industry is only going to grow. The best way to enter into the business is to create a product that is better than the competition. A product that is of high quality and trustworthy. After all, the quality of vitamins varies across products. Having high-quality CBD products on the market would be advantageous.

Green Energy

The world is worried about the future of the Earth and so it’s no surprise that the green energy business is on the rise. Consumers are more concerned than ever about what products they can buy. They want to purchase only eco-friendly products. The same can be said about the transition to electric power. According to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis reported that green power exceeded the energy production of the coal industry. Despite political issues and mixed feelings from citizens, the U.S might be seeing a positive transition to clean energy.

With clean energy more viable than ever before, getting into this industry now can be incredibly profitable. Not only is it helping the planet, but its creating a job boom. The cost of wind and solar energy has reduced, making it more affordable for consumers. The tech industry has the most to gain from this. There has been an introduction of smart home appliances that can regulate home energy use. As renewable energy becomes more widespread, the number of products and appliances will no doubt increase. Green power is projected to continue exceeding the output of coal over the next few years. Entering the industry now might be a good way to get ahead of future competition.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR technology has already seen a lot of headway. With businesses and social media apps using AR as a way to market to consumers, its use is widespread. Companies like Wayfair and Ikea have been using AR so that consumers can “try out” furniture in their home. Google recently added AR animals in its search engine. It works much like the popular Pokemon Go app and allows you to put the animals in your environment.

Virtual reality is also becoming more mainstream. Not exclusively for video game use, companies are finding different ways to introduce the tech. The health community has found a possible way to diagnose Alzheimer’s through VR. With the use of cognitive tests, doctors believe they can better diagnose the disease. VR also has uses as an educational device. The University of Maryland conducted a study on learning in virtual environments. The study found that VR users had a significant increase in recall compared to those using traditional methods of learning. Other uses are constantly in development and consideration. The industry is growing and with all the possibilities in-store. It will only continue to see more widespread use.

Grow Your Business

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